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Panos Lacrosse is an elite private training service that continues to work hard developing athletes to be leaders on and off the field. Coach Panos prides himself on his opportunity to play such a vital role in the lives of the  athletes he trains. Below you'll find just a sample of the many people He has had a chance to be involved with during his travels across the country.

My son, 1999 born, has been playing lacrosse for over 8 years on over 20 teams and has competed at top levels including 3 Canadian box lacrosse nationals and a US IMG Academy Nationals tournament; where he was age-advanced to participate.His instruction has come from experienced top level coaching in the Canadian box lacrosse programs; including more than 8 professional box players from the Philadelphia Wings, Vancouver Stealth and Georgia Swarm.In July this year, we were transferred from Canada to Florida where we were fortunate to make contact with Chris Panos. After reviewing his credentials, we decided to have our son try some private training with Chris and he has been providing one-on-one instruction for our son since August this year. Chris has been instrumental in identifying and correcting various shortfalls in our son’s lacrosse and his teaching style and skill development process, is in my opinion, far above anything else we have encountered. Chris delivers constructive criticism, conveyed in a fashion that continues to motivate our son to improve. He provides off-training techniques that has led to exceptional on-field success in the 3 tournaments our son has participated in since his training with Chris began. Chris is reasonable with his scheduling and provides value with his instruction.As my wife and I are owners of a junior box lacrosse team in Canada, we have been exposed to some of the top players and coaches in the game - both as competitors and trainers for our program. We would strongly recommend Chris Panos to any player looking to significantly improve their technique, refine their strengths or to learn some new plays and strategies on the field. He brings a solid cross section of tight box lacrosse techniques as well as field strategies and positioning to every session Items.


-Dave Gill

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Chris provides intense, individualized instruction on the fundamentals of accurate passing, shooting, and dodging, which fills a gap many young lacrosse players experience when they do not receive proper instruction from their recreational or travel programs.  His expertise and credentials are impressive, but it is his passion and enthusiasm that have inspired my son. Not only does Chris do an exceptional job at teaching my son the fundamentals of lacrosse, he has also taught him the importance of hard work and commitment to the game.    


-Mike C., Tampa, FL










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Our son, Christian, has been working with Chris Panos for over two years.   This year it has become evident that he has helped take Christian to the next level.  His instruction and expertise on specific drills are valuable and individualized to his needs.  Because of this, Christian’s stick skills, agility, speed and lacrosse IQ have greatly improved. We are grateful that Chris is a big part of Christian’s lacrosse experience in Tampa.


-Carol M.



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Sometimes in life you run across a person that makes you better—Coach Chris Panos is one of those people. As a coach for a new start up program in Northeast Tennessee, World class expertise at Panos Lacrosse Camp allowed these young growing athletes to find their potential and go beyond it on and off the field.  With Coach Panos’ knowledge, dedication, and passion for training athletes, he improved the abilities of each athlete who attended his camp. Coach Panos emphasizes on a positive outlook and understanding of the “total athlete” enabling each to be effectively motivated. Taking into account all of his lacrosse accolades, the most admirable quality is that Coach Panos cares about his athletes and the people he trains. We look forward to attending future camps and as a coach I am grateful to have Coach Chris Panos and Panos Lacrosse Camp a part of our organization.


Coach Dennis Moeser

Johnson City Railcats – Northeast Tennessee Sports Association

Dowling College 97’

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“My son has been playing travel lacrosse for 6+ years and has had some exceptional coaches in the past, but no one has elevated his game the way Coach Panos has. Coach Panos has an amazing ability to diagnose what you’re lacking as a player and create a development plan to correct it. He has helped shape my son into a confident and fearless midfielder.  And has encouraged him to work hard and continuously improve his game and to do so with integrity, dedication and mental toughness.  The coaches we’ve had in the past have been quick to point out what he’s doing wrong, but had no idea how to correct it. Coach Panos’ lacrosse knowledge and IQ are undeniable. Not only is he able to articulate to players how to elevate their game, his spends time on the field walking them through exactly how to do it.


I can’t say enough about Coach Panos’ passion and dedication to the players that are fortunate enough to work with him.

David R. 


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My Son, a rising HS Sophomore (2022), has been working with Coach Panos for 3 years (Since beginning of 7th grade). Although his love of the game has always been there, his skill set and vision have improved considerably.  His confidence level is thru the roof and he has some of the best hands of most 2022’s I’ve seen.  


Chris’ energy, passion, and his love of sharing what he’s learned over the course of his impressive career as a player and now Head coach to make young men better lacrosse players is why we plan on staying with him.


In 6th grade, My Son was a borderline “A-team”player.  By 8th grade he made and started on the 2022 National team with the club we play with.  That year the team finished in the top 10 of 2022 teams in the nation.  Finishing 3rd in Denver and winning the prestigious annual tournament in Vail, Co.


He just completed his Freshman season as one of the only 3 Freshmen to make the Varsity team at his high school.  A solid program.  He was a key part, playing in every game with 10 goals and even more assists.
If you have a Son who loves the game, wants to improve, and is looking to potentially take his game to the next level.  We highly recommend Coach Panos.


When we moved to Charlotte a year ago, our son attended lacrosse camp at Queens University where he was fortunate to meet Coach Panos. Since then, he has taken private lessons on a regular basis, and our son’s level of play has improved significantly. Each lesson is fast-paced and highly educational, and as a result, our son looks forward to each session and walks away with new skills and a deeper appreciation for the game. This has been an exceptional opportunity to train with a coach of this caliber.


Jen and Scott Shelley

Coach Panos provides an elite training experience, and is fully invested in his players’ development. Our priorities in finding the right individual to provide lacrosse training for our sons were clear to us.  We wanted our boys to develop, maximize their potential and learn from someone who knows the game, can teach at a high level and is able to motivate and inspire them.  Let’s start with qualifications.  If you’ve done your research, then you can check the “qualified” box for Coach Panos immediately.  His background and accomplishments as a player in the sport speak for themselves.  It is unique and special to learn from someone with that type of resume and success at the very highest level of competition.  That being said, success in the sport alone does not automatically qualify someone as a great coach and teacher of the game.   Both of our teenage sons have been receiving private lessons from Coach Panos for several years and have developed demonstrably as a result. One aspect that we appreciate about the training sessions is that they are not solely about skill development and learning lacrosse, they include a strong conditioning element as well. To excel in any sport requires time and reps on your own.  As such, you want your child to get the absolute most out of that hour that they possibly can and establish a foundation for their own training time at home.  With all of the lessons we have participated in, both individual and group, we have never once expected more out of our time.  Chris is all business during the session you are paying for and does not waste a minute of your time or investment.  He maintains a fast pace that pushes but is appropriate to each player.Another trait that we appreciate about Chris is the fact that he simply loves the game of Lacrosse.  When you couple that with truly being invested in the kids that he trains, it’s a great combination.  You can’t fake passion or commitment.  Whether its following his players achievements in other sports or talking to them about their performance during their recent lacrosse games, he is always engaged and interested in their development and progress.  Chris provides a great balance of qualities that parents appreciate and players respond to, regardless of their current level of lacrosse.  He has earned our most sincere recommendation and continues to prove himself as an elite instructor and ambassador of the sport.


-Vince and Tracie Kudla

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 Chris is an excellent role model for the athletes he coaches. He adequately combines his personal experiences with his expert abilities as a player. He is committed to teaching and furthering player development and takes his position of influence very seriously.


-Kevin Minicio

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Chris has been great with my kids.  He runs practices very efficiently so that no time is wasted and you can get the maximum number of reps.  However, not only does he make sure the kids get maximum reps, he coaches them through the process to correct any problems.  He runs numerous drills to address different facets of the game.  He also has a great temperament with the kids.  He is patient and keeps their attention.  You can see the constant improvement.  I highly recommend Chris!


-Iggy Garcia

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For the past five Chris Panos has been the Director of Coaching for the youth lacrosse program, I founded-Pacific Cascade Lacrosse Club, a non-profit organization located in Sammamish, Wa.



During that time, I have come to know a bit about Chris' personality and character both on and off the playing field. His impact on our program has been extremely positive, and he is respected and admired by our coaching staff, administration and the parents of our players. More importantly, he has firmly established himself as a role model for the boys that play in our program. They consider Chris a hero and someone they inspire to emulate. I believe that Chris takes his role very seriously and works hard to set a positive example and live up to the status that is consistent with the standing he holds in the minds of these young athletes.


-Scott Kelly

Cascade Clash Lacrosse



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Coach Panos has been working with my son for the past two years. When my son first met Coach Panos, he had been recently cut from one of the local lacrosse programs and was also cut from the varsity team at his high school, so he was feeling pretty low about lacrosse in general. It was a rough time for him as he had played for many years and was a pretty successful, high scoring youth player. However, he was a left-handed finisher that typically only attacked from the left side wing, so he became pretty easy to defend if you took away his strength. He was also pretty late to start growing and maturing compared to others in his age group. He was also fighting a big size and strength gap in many cases, so his confidence was at an all-timelow. 


Coach Panos started working with him on fundamentals and the proper mechanics of shooting with both hands while allowing for creativity. However, most importantly, during the sessions,coach also took the time to help build back up the confidence that had been taken from him. Coach Panos expressed a belief in him that few other coaches did at that time which helped our son grow tremendously as both a player and a person. In addition to shooting technique with both hands, he worked on his shooting range from scoring in tight, time and room shots, screen shots, skip shots, behind the back shots, and everything in between.Any missed shot resulted in a gasser at the end of his session. This helps our son maintain his focus and helped him maintain good fundamentals under pressure throughout his session. Coach Panos also uses various innovative techniques to help improve overall hand speed such as making him play goalie as coach shoots at him as well as many other techniques which makes for fun and competitive sessions. My son is now a much more complete and confident player with various release points and a wide arsenal of shots. He can also attack the cage from every spot on the field with a renewed confidence instilled by Coach Panos’ teachings. My son always looks forward to his sessions with Coach Panos, even at seven in the morning, on his weekends off and he always returns home with a smile while drenched in sweat from the hard session coach just put him through.


This past high school season, our son scored his 100th goal and was named the MVP of the state championship game. He also competes on a national level with Team Carolina in the summer and fall and has had a ton of success. Our family attributes much of our son’s success to his work with Coach Panos and his innovative techniques. We cannot thank Coach Panos enough for the impact he has on our son both physically and mentally and reigniting his love for the game. 

Kevin T. 

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