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This is a fantastic opportunity to train with Coach Panos. Players will benefit from simulated game situations in full pads while having individualized skill development and personalized attention.


Each training session is customized to enhance each players performance based on experience. 

You must prearrange your group and commitment accordingly when scheduling. If you're in 9th grade or higher, a minimum group of 3 players is required per NCAA By-Laws.

To register your group or for more information, please email


Private One on One Lessons $100.00 per hour

Prepaid Discount Package: 5 One on One Lessons for $400.00 ($80.00/hour)

Commitment takes discipline!


Minimum of 3 players (per NCAA By-Laws) if in 9th grade or higher

Single sessions are perfect for players looking to fine tune their game , but with very limited availability.

$50.00 per player, per one hour session

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Red Package

4 to 6 Player Group Sessions

$45.00/Player, Per One Hour Session

White Package

7 to 9 Player Group Sessions

$40.00/Player, Per One Hour Session

Blue Package

10 to 12 Player Group Sessions

$35.00/Player, Per One Hour Session

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